Children Helping Children Intl (CHCI) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization designed to involve American children in helping underprivileged children around the world.

Our mission is to:

  • educate American children about the plight of children worldwide, orphaned by wars, disease and poor economic conditions;
  • enrich the lives of American children by involving them in helping underprivileged children around the world;
  • provide humanitarian help to orphaned children worldwide by supplying them with fleece blankets, handmade by American children, as a part of our international “Blankids” campaign; and to
  • create an awareness among orphaned children that they are not along; that there are other children in the world who care about them, and that their American peers will not forget them.



We achieve our mission by involving American children in our international Blankids campaign. For Blankids, we work with middle/high schools and other learning institutions. With our guidance, students make no-sew fleece blankets for orphaned children in the country of …. (the choice of an orphanage/country is left to the school). These handmade, heartwarming, and body-warming blankets become the precious mementos for the orphans. By sending these fleecy keepsakes, American children not only show support for their orphaned friends but also are able to provide genuine humanitarian help.

Our achievements are as follows:

  • In May of 2017 we successfully completed the Blankids campaign in Old Town Academy (OTA), in Old Town, San Diego. Under our guidance, OTA students made 45 blankets for the orphanage Casa Hogar Belen in Tijuana, Mexico. The blankets were accompanied by hand-made hearts a heart-felt letter (in Spanish) where OTA students expressed their support for children of Casa Hogar Belen;
  • In March of 2017 we successfully completed the Blankids campaign in San Diego Jewish Academy (SDJA). Under our direction, SDJA students made 90 blankets for the girls in Lev Lalev Orphanage in Netanya, Israel. During the spring break trip to Israel, SDJA’s class of seniors hand delivered the blankets to the orphanage;
  • During the 2009–2011 school year, over 1,000 students from the Columbus, OH participated in Blankids campaign. Over 1,000 blankets were made for the orphaned children in the country of Georgia;
  • In hopes of establishing long-lasting relationships and connections, American children and their peers overseas exchanged hundreds of self-made cards, containing personal stories, drawings and photographs. Hundreds of friendships have been formed.

Goals and needs

  • In 2017, our primary goal is to expand our international Blankids campaign to other schools and learning institutions in San Diego, CA. We already have a commitment from the following institutions for the school year of 2017 – 2018:
    • Arroyo Vista Charter Middle School, Chula Vista, CA;
    • Congregation Beth EL, La Jolla CA;
    • Old Town Academy, San Diego, CA.
  • To realize our dream of involving American children in something as meaningful as helping other children, we need the support of our community. We need local middle/high schools (and other learning institutions) to open their doors for Blankids campaign. This could be done in a framework of a Global Awareness class/club, or global community service.

In the framework of a class/club, CHCI will:

    • enrich the lives of the students by involving them in our international Blankids campaign;
    • pair the school with the orphanage of student’s choice in the country of student’s choice;
    • teach the students how to make no-sew blankets and oversee the making of the blankets at every session (if needed);
    • monitor the progression of Blankids campaign from inception to completion;
    • facilitate the delivery of the blankets to the orphanage;
    • ensure the students will receive self-made Thank-You cards containing thank-you(s), personal stories, drawings and photographs.